Interior glass doors

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Did you know that you can use glass doors inside your home? We more often than not use a sliding glass door as a way to get from the back of our house into the garden, which always look great. But they can also have a variety of uses inside the home too especially if you like a modern or minimalist look.

One of the most obvious rooms inside the home for using glass doors is the bathroom and en-suites. Shower enclosures very often already have a sliding glass door as they save space in an already confined area.  They also look great as the doorway from the bedroom to the en-suite. It can help to make the bedroom space feel bigger, improves the natural light in the en-suite and looks amazing too.

If you have a large room that you want to separate into two spaces then you can use sliding glass doors to do this really easily. It is less permanently than building brick walls, and much more flexible than stud walls. You can still open up the doors to make the room bigger if need be. If you want privacy, you can also use frosted glass. You can create an open plan living area, but with the option of closing off the rooms if you need to.

Sliding glass doors are great for those who have homes with a gym, a pool or other kind of recreational space indoors. It can help to create an additional wow factor in the home. Your options are only limited by your budget and imagination.

The Best Long-Lasting Construction Materials

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There are certain materials that have been used for centuries by man for construction. Some materials have been tried and tested and proven to last for the longest time. It is beneficial to use these materials in construction as they are safer, cost-effective and will make sure the structure is strong for many years to come. All of these materials can be found in builders merchants in Kent and all over the country. Used hundreds of years ago and still today, here are the best long-lasting materials used in construction.


  Bricks are not a modern building material; they have been used in many ancient structures. Normally made from clay, the modern versions of bricks however are now weather-resistant, strong and fire-proof as well as easy to make and work with.


 Wood can be used alongside other materials or even as the main building material such as log cabins. It can also be a support structure frame which looks decorative inside some properties. Wood is lightweight to work with compared to other materials and can easily be cut to the right measurements. The only problem with wood is that it is not fire-proof, can eventually decay and is at risk to rot or bug infestation. In general though, wood can be very long-lasting.


 Made from a number of materials like stone, sand, cement and water, concrete is one of the hardest construction materials that is left to dry and hardens. Due to its form, concrete is very versatile and can be used in a number of different ways.

Steel and Iron

 As buildings get bigger and taller, steel and iron framework reinforcements are necessary to support the structure. These materials are strong and easy enough to work with, plus they will last for a very long time without weakening.

Preventing Vehicle Accidents on Construction Sites

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Almost a third of accidents that take place on construction sites involve heavy duty vehicles and in an already risky job, it can be difficult to know everything that is happening around the site. From large trucks to diggers there is a great range of moving vehicles used on building sites and accidents or fatalities can be due to being struck by the vehicle, falling from the vehicle, crushed by a falling vehicle or being struck by an object falling off the vehicle. In most situations, it is difficult for the driver of these vehicles to have a full 360° view, so it is up to the workers to stay clear of moving vehicles and to always be aware of their surroundings. For anyone wishing to work on a construction site, it is best to learn all the safety procedures with a Safe Pass Course in Cork or at your nearest location. There are many procedures that help to lower the risk of accidents on construction sites when there will be moving vehicles around.


Tips for Staying Safe from Vehicles on a Construction Site

  • Drivers of any vehicle on the site should be fully trained in this area so the vehicle is driven correctly. Vehicles should always be parked in safe places, used with the right loads and driven at slow speeds.
  • Anyone on the site should be fully aware of their surroundings all the time. Remember the driver cannot always see clearly so steer clear of moving vehicles.
  • Look for the hazards such as bad weather, rough roads, time deadline pressure or the presence of new workers from different contractors on the site. All of these factors can increase the risk of accidents. Hold team meetings and discuss these hazards so everyone is made extra aware.
  • Regularly maintain the vehicles so they are in full working order, especially the brakes.