Greener energy options for SMEs

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Greener energy options for SMEs

For businesses it is important to consider those utility bills and one of the ways to bring these down is to opt for greener energy sources.  Installing a renewable energy technology at your business premises can make all the difference and there are a number of different schemes and incentives established by the government that will help you to cover the cost of installation and even pay you a tariff for a number of years to come.


One example is the renewable heat incentive scheme that has been introduced to help to bring down the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere.  The use of standard energy sources is gradually to be replaced with systems that include solar energy panels, solar thermal heating and biomass systems.   The RHI funding is available but if the heating system is less than 45kw it has to be accredited as part of the Microgeneration Scheme.  It includes payments upfront and then on-going payments for several years.


If you are considering solar thermal heating for your company then you need to make sure that your installers are MCS registered so that they can carry out this accreditation for you.  Your installers will carry out a site survey so that you can find out what will work for your business premises and which options are not going to be suitable.  The survey will also give you a chance to discuss with your installer exactly what it is you want to get from the systems.  Reducing your carbon footprint and becoming a greener business has to be an attractive option so make the call today to find out more.


If you are interested in solar thermal heating, click here for more information.


Advantages of a galley kitchen

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Advantages of a galley kitchen

Galley kitchens do not have the best reputations when it comes to kitchen design, but there are a few advantages to this option if you are limited on space.


A galley kitchen is a long thin kitchen and it may be that you have cabinets that run simply along one wall or along two walls.  In a galley kitchen you will find that there is not enough room for a table and chairs or if there is you can only fit a small one in, so they are not really suitable for families.  They are a popular option in flats or in terraced houses where the kitchens have been designed to be small.


If you have a studio flat and you need to rethink this part of it then it could be that a galley is your best option.  For these kitchens Chichester residents do not have to look too far and will find that they can solve a lot of problems with a galley.  As already mentioned the units will simply be placed along one wall, freeing up space elsewhere.  Studio flats are limited on living space and have a bedroom/lounge.  The more space you can save for this purpose the better.


A galley kitchen will still offer substantial storage space and working space if planned correctly.  Think carefully about where your appliances are going to be placed and you could create a good work surface – useful for activities like baking.


Galley kitchens Chichester are not necessarily going to be your first choice but they may offer the solutions that you are looking for. For added help and advice click here


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Planning to plan a wedding abroad? That is as stressful as it sounds, especially if you are not considering using a wedding planner; made worse if you cannot speak the local language.

If you are planning the wedding yourself it is important to have a great wedding venue in mind, this will help you in the planning process. Spare time to travel to your wedding destination a couple of times. This will allow you to look for good suppliers and familiarize yourself with the legal requirements of the region you want to tie the knot. Consider how the place is regarding its accessibility to family members and friends.

You have to look for someone to officiate the wedding. If you are lucky, you might find a local priest who would be willing to help out. If you are not so lucky, you might be forced to bring your own priest. You will also have to be careful and plan how you will carry your wedding attires; you do not want to end up with a dirty wedding gown or suit or lose it altogether.

The wisest decision will be to hire a wedding planner. They have many advantages, for instance they know the language, cultural and legal requirements. They also know the suppliers very well. They might be expensive to hire but it will be worth it. However, make sure you find out if there are any hidden costs you don’t know about.

When you have considered that, you might find it easier, cheaper and less stressful for the wedding party to have the wedding at home, and a small blessing on your exotic honeymoon. Finding a wedding venue Brighton that meets your requirements is probably much easier than you think. Click here for more information.

Is Size Important When Designing Flyers?

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When planning to make a perfect flyer for your business, an experienced designer and printer is the best option to help you. The best flyers printing should have important aspects of design, convey the message quickly and effectively, and have attractive images and persuasive written text that gets straight to the point.

What about the size of the flyer? Of course, you don’t need a very large or too small flyer. The size should just be enough to accommodate all the intended information – 8.5’x 11’ and 8.5’ x 5.5’ are the two best sizes. However, it depends on the budget and the information you need to pass. For instance, images say more compared to a simple text. This is why you can use flyer with photos without any written content, but the images must be of very high quality.

Sometimes larger flyers might be more expensive than smaller ones, but you should not congest too much information just to save some money. Ensure the flyer doesn’t lose information; make the readers spend some time viewing in order to take the appropriate action. If the content is not clear, most viewers may ignore the flyer by disposing them.

Also, the size is very important especially when passing your message by use of both photos and written content. The photos should be clearly displayed, while the texts are arranged in short paragraphs. Avoid clustering small photos to save space; its better you go for a relatively larger flyer that will fit all your information in a presentable manner. Contact for help and advice regarding your flyers printing needs.

Advertising your business locally? Try posters!

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When it comes to marketing your services or products then there are a number of ways that you can do this.  These days internet advertising is the most obvious choice for most companies because they are trying to reach as many people as possible.  However, what if you run a business that caters for local clientele?  Businesses such as bars, leisure centres and independent stores need to make sure that they reach the locals before they start to expand their client base.


A great way to advertise locally is to use simple marketing materials such as posters.  Printing posters is no longer expensive as the software exists for you to create your own poster and you can find your printing service via the internet.  Many printers will offer you discounts as a new customer and this can be quite useful for any business, so it is also a very cost effective option.


You may wonder just how much business you can attract by printing posters.  If the posters are placed carefully around the town you can make sure that thousands of people see them and if just a small percentage of those people opt to come to you then you have achieved what you set out to do.  Choose places with a heavy footfall such as subways, bus stations, train stations and supermarkets to place your posters (with the relevant permissions obviously!) and you should find that more and more customers start coming to you.  Sometimes the modern technology of the internet is not quite what you need to make the changes you want for your business.

Pros and Cons of Glass Tile Mosaic Flooring

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glass tile flooring

Mosaic glass tile floors are a unique style that gives a room a feeling of luxury, elegance and a spa-like comfort. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of glass tile mosaic flooring.


  • Low Maintenance – Glass tiles are resistant to stains, mould, mildew and chemical damage. They are easy to clean with a cloth, water and detergent.
  • Wide Range of Designs – Mosaic tiles come in a range of designs, finishes and colour mixes.
  • Eco Friendly – To manufacture a glass tile it takes around half the energy that it takes to make a ceramic tile.
  • Reflective – Most glass pieces of tile will reflect light really well so they look luminous and sparkly. Check out Glassworks tiles on the Branded Tiles page, where premium brands are sold at amazing prices.
  • Durable – As a floor material, they are durable and resistant to cracking unless a heavy object is dropped from a height.


  • Cost – The cost of mosaic tiles is higher than other kinds of tiles and the more attractive colours or patterns are even more expensive.
  • Scratches – The glass tiles are resistant to stains but not to scratches, so this can be potential damage to the flooring.
  • Installation – Glass mosaic tiles are more difficult to install compared to other types of tiles. Installers must be careful that the adhesive does not show through the gaps in the tiles and the grouting is done correctly.
  • Slips – Being such a smooth surface, glass tiles can be slippery. Though there is textured finishes that can be applied along with the grouting, the floor could potentially be hazardous around water.
  • Breakages – Though they are durable, glass mosaic tiles can crack or chip when an object is dropped from a height. This chipped tile can then be dangerous so it will have to be repaired.

Filling, tasty and cheap – the smoothie option

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green smoothie

made smoothies from They offer a great range of fruit smoothies, but if you crave a green smoothie, you won’t be disappointed. They are specially blended to taste just great. It will definitely make you want to keep coming back for more.

If you love a good smoothie, but don’t have time to keep shopping for fresh vegetables and fruit all the time, or you worry about buying in bulk and wasting a lot as it tends to go off quickly which happens a lot, particularly in the warmer months, then you may want to check out the range on offer here. Pre-mixed, pre-packaged and frozen ready for you to enjoy. Convenience in a pouch!

When you consider who much you spend on fresh produce, only to watch the quality deteriorate because you are unable to use it all up while it is still good quality, you might be shocked. The amount of food wasted is worrying enough, but when you think about the money that is being poured down the drain, it becomes worrying.

You can save money by opting for the products on offer here. don’t just have smoothies, they also have ice teas and frappes too. So whatever strikes your fancy, there is something to suit you. The green smoothie options are very popular, as well as the various fruit smoothies. Pre prepared, pre packed and ready to go!

All you have to do it take one out of the freezer, pop the contents into a blender with a little milk, yoghurt or fruit juice (apple or orange are popular) whizz it all up for a minute or two, and voila, a healthy, refreshing drink that tastes just great.




Interior glass doors

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sliding door

Did you know that you can use glass doors inside your home? We more often than not use a sliding glass door as a way to get from the back of our house into the garden, which always look great. But they can also have a variety of uses inside the home too especially if you like a modern or minimalist look.

One of the most obvious rooms inside the home for using glass doors is the bathroom and en-suites. Shower enclosures very often already have a sliding glass door as they save space in an already confined area.  They also look great as the doorway from the bedroom to the en-suite. It can help to make the bedroom space feel bigger, improves the natural light in the en-suite and looks amazing too.

If you have a large room that you want to separate into two spaces then you can use sliding glass doors to do this really easily. It is less permanently than building brick walls, and much more flexible than stud walls. You can still open up the doors to make the room bigger if need be. If you want privacy, you can also use frosted glass. You can create an open plan living area, but with the option of closing off the rooms if you need to.

Sliding glass doors are great for those who have homes with a gym, a pool or other kind of recreational space indoors. It can help to create an additional wow factor in the home. Your options are only limited by your budget and imagination.

The Best Long-Lasting Construction Materials

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There are certain materials that have been used for centuries by man for construction. Some materials have been tried and tested and proven to last for the longest time. It is beneficial to use these materials in construction as they are safer, cost-effective and will make sure the structure is strong for many years to come. All of these materials can be found in builders merchants in Kent and all over the country. Used hundreds of years ago and still today, here are the best long-lasting materials used in construction.


  Bricks are not a modern building material; they have been used in many ancient structures. Normally made from clay, the modern versions of bricks however are now weather-resistant, strong and fire-proof as well as easy to make and work with.


 Wood can be used alongside other materials or even as the main building material such as log cabins. It can also be a support structure frame which looks decorative inside some properties. Wood is lightweight to work with compared to other materials and can easily be cut to the right measurements. The only problem with wood is that it is not fire-proof, can eventually decay and is at risk to rot or bug infestation. In general though, wood can be very long-lasting.


 Made from a number of materials like stone, sand, cement and water, concrete is one of the hardest construction materials that is left to dry and hardens. Due to its form, concrete is very versatile and can be used in a number of different ways.

Steel and Iron

 As buildings get bigger and taller, steel and iron framework reinforcements are necessary to support the structure. These materials are strong and easy enough to work with, plus they will last for a very long time without weakening.

Preventing Vehicle Accidents on Construction Sites

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Almost a third of accidents that take place on construction sites involve heavy duty vehicles and in an already risky job, it can be difficult to know everything that is happening around the site. From large trucks to diggers there is a great range of moving vehicles used on building sites and accidents or fatalities can be due to being struck by the vehicle, falling from the vehicle, crushed by a falling vehicle or being struck by an object falling off the vehicle. In most situations, it is difficult for the driver of these vehicles to have a full 360° view, so it is up to the workers to stay clear of moving vehicles and to always be aware of their surroundings. For anyone wishing to work on a construction site, it is best to learn all the safety procedures with a Safe Pass Course in Cork or at your nearest location. There are many procedures that help to lower the risk of accidents on construction sites when there will be moving vehicles around.


Tips for Staying Safe from Vehicles on a Construction Site

  • Drivers of any vehicle on the site should be fully trained in this area so the vehicle is driven correctly. Vehicles should always be parked in safe places, used with the right loads and driven at slow speeds.
  • Anyone on the site should be fully aware of their surroundings all the time. Remember the driver cannot always see clearly so steer clear of moving vehicles.
  • Look for the hazards such as bad weather, rough roads, time deadline pressure or the presence of new workers from different contractors on the site. All of these factors can increase the risk of accidents. Hold team meetings and discuss these hazards so everyone is made extra aware.
  • Regularly maintain the vehicles so they are in full working order, especially the brakes.